Translation of a speech given by Richard Wang from DraperDragon

A week in the life of the Chinese “Wenzhou Gang”: Going from high profile to hidden

Translation of a speech given by Wang Feng, prominent Chinese blockchain investor, at Peking University

A liberal translation of 深访币圈:享受过一夜暴富,你再也忘不掉捷径 by 甲子光年(Jazzyear),edited by 甲小姐,采访and written by 火柴Q (Manqi Cheng)

Challenges in making decisions due to too much available information — And what to do about it

To help decision makers and users wade around the vast landscape of bots, this landscape gives a high-level overview of providers and tools.

Why this landscape, now?

  1. Give…

If you don’t have this, it won’t work…

  1. Data availability — Does it exist?
  2. Data comprehensiveness — Does it include everything?
  3. Data cleanliness —Is it readable by machines?
  4. Data compatibility — Is it useful for bot workflow tasks?

Fulfilling our purpose of making government information accessible to everyone

Give it a shot! Use this QR code with any scanner, or go to

Carylyne Chan

Emerging tech lover; armchair psychologist & oolong tea enthusiast.

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